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Photography has indefinitely had a quantified place in my my hobby life. In Junior High  everyone could search myself possessing a thirty five mm professional camera in my posession taking momentos of my favorite friends and family gatherings, and the one of a kind scenery making up the tiny naval city off the northern Virginia port where my family through elementary school and college. This hobby grew into a finite skill that I gave up everything else for, perusing editorial pictures, paintings and outdoor photoshoots in my 20's.  After, I began drafting a highly sought photography career plan in which contrasting momentums and enriching energy had already began to take shape and shine out all around my photography jobs. Now and forever I am a full-time published and nominated Destination Headshot affordable Photographer and can be found in all around Seattle and all of Washington. I am also a regularly used Seattle Commercial marketing Photographer. Also check out my coveted website to find out extra about my work: Seattle Commercial Photographer

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